9 Things What To Do With Old Breast Milk

What To Do With Old Breast Milk – Breast milk contains AMAZING properties. It goes without saying that no one wants to throw away precious, pumped up liquid gold.

Here are tips and tricks for what to do with old breast milk so you can make the most of it and never waste it again.

Reasons you may have old milk:

What To Do With Old Breast Milk

  • Your baby has an intolerance to the food you eat
  • You have too much lipase in your breast milk, causing your frozen breast milk to smell and taste sour (although this is rare and treatable)
  • Your baby has been weaned and you still have milk in the freezer
  • You accidentally defrosted too much milk and won’t use it fully
  • Your baby hasn’t finished a bottle yet

How do you know if your breast milk has expired?
Breast milk contains live cells that kill bacteria, keeping them fresher for longer than pasteurized cow’s milk or formula.

Current guidelines for storing breast milk are provided by the US Centers for Disease Control (CDC).

What To Do With Old Breast Milk


What to do with old breast milk?
Thanks to the amazing properties of breast milk, it is useful for many surprising home remedies!

relieve diaper rash
One study found that breast milk was as effective as hydrocortisone for babies with diaper rash. You can simply apply the milk to your baby’s bottom and then let it dry before putting the diaper back on.

Making jewelry from breast milk
Make jewelry from your own breast milk.

THIS SET includes everything you need and has enough ingredients to make 12 Breast Milk Stones!

Soothe sore nipples
Sore nipples are quite common in the first few days of breastfeeding. Breast milk provides soothing relief and helps the nipple heal faster. You can express breast milk directly on the nipple and let it dry to reap the benefits.

If your nipples hurt, this is an absolute savior. They are super cheap, can be worn for several days (perfect if you are trying to get fit) and very convincing.

Help fight eczema
Up to 50% of all babies develop infantile eczema in the first few months. According to this study, breast milk was found to be an equally effective treatment for eczema compared to hydrocortisone.

Treat insect bites + sunburn
Add a little breast milk to the water to make the solution cloudy and apply mist to the bite or sunburn to relieve it.

Milk bath
Another way to help your baby’s skin is to add leftover breast milk to the bath water. Add enough to make the water cloudy.

Against cradle cap
Add a little breast milk to the water to make the solution cloudy and apply the mist to the problem areas on your child’s head.

Making soap with breast milk
Another innovative use of breast milk is handmade soap. Watch the video below to see an easy way to make soap from breast milk.

Fertilize your plants
Plants get most of their nutrients from the soil. Milk (both mother’s milk and cow’s or goat’s milk) contains beneficial minerals, o adding a little to the soil can help your plants grow better.

3 creative ways to use leftover fresh breast milk
You can freeze your breast milk in a candy mold to turn it into a “mom” to make your baby’s teeth taste better. You can also mix in some mashed fruit for some variety of flavors and they also make great frozen treats for your baby on hot days.

What To Do With Old Breast Milk

Mix breast milk with your baby’s first solid food for a more familiar texture and taste.

You can check with your nearest milk bank if your milk can be donated.

Breast milk is literally a lifesaver for some babies. Even if there is no milk bank nearby, there may be a depot where breast milk can be stored.

What To Do With Old Breast Milk

What To Do With Old Breast Milk

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